Boulder Forest Garden Project

What is an edible forest garden?

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  • A forest garden is a designed gardening system utilizing edible species of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants in a manner that mimics a natural woodland ecosystem.
  • Forest gardens are low maintenance and productive. In this chemical free system, plants are used to build soil fertility and attract beneficial insects, thereby decreasing the dependency on outside inputs.

Sample Permaculture Project: Beacon Food Forest in Seattle Washington

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Stages of Development:
  1. Infrastructure
  • Remove old fence and install deer fence.  
  • Earth works will be utilized to build water retention. 
  • Seeding with a mix of soil building plants.  
  • A bridge or culvert will be installed for access across the irrigation ditch.  
  • A drip irrigation system will be made ready for future plantings.
  1. Soil Building and Planting of Desirable Species
  • This stage includes seeding cover crops and sheet mulching over select areas of existing grass.  
  • Planting of desired and support species such as fruit trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and vines. 
  • Mulching and irrigation of plants.

Boulder Forest Garden progress photos to come!

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