Planting over 400 shrubs for the Boulder Forest Garden Windbreak!

Youth Garden Club Mulching Shrubs!

Montana Conservation Corps Planting Shrubs for Global Youth Service Day 2015.  

Growing Community Naturally gets down and dirty building windbreak.  

Earthworks at the Boulder Forest Garden. April 2015

Working with operator Pat Rosin and an excavator donated by the Jefferson County Solid Waste we went to work building swales to harvest runoff.  Downed cottonwood trees and old fence posts gathered from the site were buried in the swales to create a sponge that stores water in the landscape while also creating an environment for beneficial soil microorganisms.     

  Rusty Giulio's Bobcat made quick work of moving the piles of compost and wood chips donated by Jefferson Co. Solid Waste.

Folks worked together to remove the old fence at the Boulder Forest Garden....out with the old in with the new.
We had a great day except for the mosquitoes.  

A few folks using a home built A frame to find and flag some contour lines for future swales. Swales are a ditch and mound system to harvest rainwater run-off right where you need it, in the soil where trees and plants will take it up. They also create  micro climates.  We will  construct  the  swales and plant them after the design has been drawn up.

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